Czech Design Map specializes in professional Czech design. We have both online and paper maps designed to spread the word about Czech-designed and Czech-produced goods and services. We believe quality, originality, and ingenuity, combined with devotion and discipline are hallmarks of excellence. 

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Prague + CZE 2020/2021 PDF
Moravia and Silesia 2019 PDF
Prague Autumn/Winter 2019 PDF
Prague Spring/Summer 2019 PDF
Prague Autumn/Winter 2018 PDF
Prague Spring/Summer 2018 PDF
Prague Spring/Summer 2017 PDF

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Printed maps are available:
Prague + CZE 2020/2021 here
Prague Autumn/Winter 2019 here
Prague Spring/Summer 2019 here
Prague Autumn/Winter 2018 here
Prague Spring/Summer 2018 here


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Czech Design Map is made possible by the State Fund of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Special thanks to Jakub Konvica, Eva Veselá and Miloš Kincel for their help and Jan Polzer for web design.